The Legacy Retreat 

With the birth of every new baby, we gather around looking for family resemblances.  "She has her mother's nose."  While there is nothing we can do about the nose our child gets, there are other traits we will affect.  Will people say, "She has the faith of her mother?"  The Legacy Retreat offers parents practical tools for growing their own faith and passing on an eternal inheritance to their children.  

Your retreat can be customized with 2-4 sessions including:

Casting a vision:  What is God's plan for children's spiritual education?  It's you! Claiming our identity as our family's primary faith trainers.  

Ending generation sins:  Children inherit the bad with the good from their parents.  In this session we will look at how to identify generational sins in your family and make practical plans to end them in your generation. 

How is your torch? Before we can pass on a vibrant faith to our children we have to have one of our own.  How to develop your personal walk with the Lord. 

When we sit at home:  How to cultivate family habits of regular faith talks, devotions, and family times of worship and prayer.  This session includes a hands-on calendaring project to help parents learn healthy family scheduling rhythms in our overly busy culture.  

Milestones and Blessings: How to mark significant moments in your child's spiritual development.  Parents will also learn how to give their child a blessing.