All Mascara is Not Created Equal: Family Faith Resource Series

I am excited to share Jessica Landmon's new book All Mascara is Not Created Equal this month as part of our Family Faith Resource Series.  I met Jessica last summer at a women's conference.  She is one of those down to earth, easy to talk to, real woman who are such a pleasure to befriend.  She shared with me a book she was working on for woman that was a collection of tweet-like posts on "spiritual, practical, and humorous topics".  I couldn't wait to read it, and to share it with my daughter Sarah.

Earlier this month Jessica sent me a copy of the book.  I was so excited to sit down with a cup of coffee and read it - but that didn't happen, you see Sarah spotted it and the book was immediately whisked away to her room.  For the next few days Sarah kept telling me how great the book was.  When I went in her room to put away some clothes, I noticed she had written out several of Jessica's quotes on her dry erase board.  Oh how it warmed my heart to have Sarah filling her room with wisdom from a godly woman!  A few days later Sarah's friend suffered a concussion and was out of school for several days.  Sarah made the friend a card with quotes from "her new book."  This book is a hit around here!

Well I can now happily say I have had a chance to pour that cup of coffee and read All Mascara is Not Created Equal.  It is wonderful!  First, it is a lovely book to read through.  The layout and design are beautiful.  Each turn of the page is a treat.  Jessica wisely and playfully weaves tips on the importance of voting, with travel, and faith all on one page keeping her advise from sounding preachy but instead making it feel like you are talking with a friend.  I appreciate the advice Jessica shares for young women on topics such as gossip, individuality, and kindness.  Here are a few of my favorites:

"Women are on the same team.  Stop undermining each other and start supporting one another." 

"You are no one's doormat.  Make sure you let people know that." 

"If you aren't intentionally trying to draw near to God then you are intentionally falling away."  

With Mother's Day and graduations just around the corner I think this is the perfect book to bless another woman (young or old) with.  Jessica has generously sent me a second copy of the book for you!  In the spirit passing on tidbits of wisdom, leave me a comment with a piece of advice, or the name of a woman you would like to share this book with and you will be entered in the give-away.  I will draw a winner on Friday May 1st.  

To learn more about Jessica please visit her at Women Get Real .  You can also purchase her book from her site.  

I can't wait to read your tidbits of advice ladies!  Let's hear it!