Be Box Family Devotions

For seven years I have dreamed of a little craft Family Devotions Fairy who will arrive at my house with an appropriate bible verse,  craft project (with necessary glitter), and will whip my kids into a frenzy of excitement about doing said family devotion.   It's a lovely dream isn't it?  Because we all know that our intentions for family devotions exceed our reality, and when our creativity does get cranking we inevitably get half way through a crafty devotion only to realize that we are missing some essential item - and the whole thing ends in tears.

Guess what arrived at our house earlier this month?    A box from the Family Devotion Fairies! 
 (Insert the Hallelujah Chorus)

This month we were blessed with a # Be Box from Be: Kids Mobile, a new monthly family devotion and craft subscription.  Let me tell you I haven't been as excited for a family faith product since The Jesus Storybook Bible came out.  (If you know me or have ever heard me speak you know that I'm excited!) Better than little fairies, this awesome concept comes from a team of three moms - whose vision is to help equip parents to live on mission, invade communities with love, and make a generational change in society.  Pretty awesome vision huh?   And God bless them  - since they are moms -  they know well enough to put everything you are going to need in that box! 

So's what's in the box?  Awesomeness! 

Everything you need for a month of intentional family discipleship.  And I mean everything!  Each month has a theme.  This month is Be Courageous! Our box includes a variety of activities including a matching game, a helmet craft, blow up swords (how cool!), and cups.  What do we do with all this? 

In a parent envelope there is a sheet for each week.  Each day you are given four touching points including awesome lunch box notes.  Each day has a scripture to read, and conversation starters. Each week uses one of the activities in the box as an application activity.   It is incredible.

If your intentions for family devotions have been greater than your reality of implementing them, I would encourage you to order a Be Box.  They are $25 or $30 a month depending on how many kids you have.  (you didn't think they would only send you one sword for your three kids did you?)  You need to order by the 20th of each month to receive the following month's box.

I'd love to have your family join us in April.  If you are a grandparent this would be a wonderful way to bless your children and grandchildren and encourage a legacy of faith to be passed down.