A Peek at our Holy Week

My dear friends,  Holy Week is here.  I'd like to invite you into our home and give you a  peek at how we will be celebrating this week.  It is our mix of secular and faithful, new and old, made up and passed down.  I pray your family will have a wonderful week remembering the saving work of Jesus Christ. 
Our family room mantle - Thank you Carole for our Shepherd's Vase

The girls did a great job on our chalkboard
My grandmother's bunnies, a favorite scripture and a reminder of the reason for it all! 

Our sweet friend's the Harris family blessed us with this yesterday.  So sweet! 

My parents are visiting for a few days - egg dying is under way

Thursday we will be remembering Jesus's last meal at our Passover Seder 

Friday we will remember that Christ died for US! 

Friday and Saturday we will burn our Disciple's Candle to remember the Disciple's wait
Sunday morning we'll be celebrating with our faith family @ The Point Church.
We'd love for you to join us.  www.PointChurch.com