Family Faith Resources: The Master Designer - The Song

 This month the girls joined me in a little family movie night to preview The Master Designer - The Song by Exploration Films  for our Family Faith Resources series.  We loved this movie, and a few weeks after viewing it, the girls are still talking about curious facts, and interesting things they learned from this film.

The Master Designer weaves together history, legend, and science to share the incredible stories of six animals:  bees, wolves, bison, camels, elk, and crickets.  Who knew the role bees played in the Revolutionary War or camels played in the Mexican/American War?  I had no idea why bee hives don't collapse under the weight of honey or why wolves feet don't get frostbite. The beautiful cinematography and unique story lines made this movie a big hit in our house.  

You can view the movie trailer here (dear email readers click the link to see the trailer)

For my older daughter this was a great follow up to seeing God's Not Dead with me last year.  It raises the core question of:  How did our world come to be?  Was it through a random process or intelligent design?

Exploration Films also sent me Redemption of the Commons.  This fiction film follows the story of Victor whose life and business dreams have fallen apart.  Victor returns home to face his past and ask the question - does everyone have a God given purpose. The themes of this film make it more appropriate for an adult audience.  You can click here to watch the trailer.