Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends,
I hope your holidays held their share of fun, family, and faith.  Here is a peak into what my family has been doing for the last three weeks....

Yep - pretty awesome.  We have been enjoying a lot of sun, family, friends and downtime in the Bahamas.  But now we are home and there are some exciting things happening that I have been bursting to tell you about!

2015 finds our family joining a new church family.  I will be serving as the Director of Family Ministries at The Point Church.  The Point Church is a multi-site church with locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex.  Their leadership has an incredible heart for pointing people to Jesus - our whole family is excited to join this growing, dynamic, and diverse faith family.

There are exciting plans for The Celebrated Family as well.  My mission is to encourage and equip parents to grow in and pass on their faith to the next generation.  This year there will be three year-long projects happening on the blog to help reach that mission.  I hope you will be as excited as I am!

1.  Encourage - Mid Life Joy Series #midlifeJOY.  In three three I turn 40!  That's right, I am solidly middle aged now, no getting around it.  Over the last few years I have struggled with being stressed and grumpy.  Anyone else?  The thought occured to me sitting on that beach pictured above, "If I am not happy now, when do I think I will be?"  Mid Life Joy will be a monthly series looking at the things that steal our joy and challenges to help us choose to live a life of abundant JOY!

2.  Equip - Family Faith Resources.  I have been invited to be part of a new blogger community reviewing new resources for Christian parents and families.  Wherever I speak parents are always looking for good resource suggestions.  This year I will have more than suggestions - thanks to the generosity of some great publishing houses I will be giving away new books and movies every month!

3.  Pass on your Faith - A Year of Biblical Feasts.  Pete and I are taking our family on a journey this year through the Jewish calendar - and we want you to come along.  We are going to celebrate the major Old Testament feasts with our girls this year.  I will be posting background info on each one before the feast so you can join in, and a post after each one so you can see how it went.

It all kicks off next week with a fun giveaway - see you then!