Devotions for a Healthier You

Today kicks off our Family Faith Resources series.  We all have limited time and money to put into finding great resources for our family, so I aim to help you this year with reviews of great new books and movies ... and I'm giving them away!

Fellow mommas,  today's resource is just for you.  Katie Farrell's Devotions for a Healthier You is a treasure of a book.  It is lovely. It's the type of book that reassures me that the art form of book publishing is alive and well.

After seeing too many bad books out there that try to combine health, weight, and Jesus, I have to admit I am leery of the Christian health genre.  I'm just not interested in another "pray the weight away," product.   Devotions for a Healthier You could not be farther from that cliché.  Katie Farrell has crafted devotions to help woman dive into the Word of God to find their true beauty, strength, and health.  Devotions cover such topics as:  knowing who we are, finding contentment, people pleasing, and laying your burdens down.  The fact that Katie genuinely seeks to find her identity and beauty in Christ is evident throughout the book.  These are not hollow words she writes. You can hear her story here.

Each devotions is based on scripture and ends with prayer.  These short devotions would pair well with journaling, or would be a great mid-day break for busy mommas who just aren't going to get in a 45 minute Beth Moore study each day.  This book is going to be one of my go-to gifts this year.  I know it will bless my friends and fellow mommas.

Sprinkled throughout the devotions are recipes and "dashes of inspiration" which make the book a treat to thumb through over a cup of tea.  The book also includes prayers for health, and identity scriptures, which would both be great for memory work or written out on a sticky note on your mirror or desk.  The book concludes with a sample week meal plan.  (If this leaves you wanting more, you can find it on her website Dashing Dish)

We are a few weeks in to the New Year.  Do you have the goal of making 2015 a healthier year, be it physically, spiritually, or both?  Farrell writes, "Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard work or a drastic change.  The best place to start is by making small changes in your everyday life."  (pg vii)

One of the changes I am making this year is making appointments to exercise on my calendar, and treating those appointments as valuable as work appointments. What one change are you planning on making?  Maybe it's to have a regular time to read the Word?  Maybe it's to start eating healthier?  I'd love to hear your changes in the comment section below.    On Friday Jan 16th, I will select one reader from the comments to receive a free copy of this beautiful book.