Best book for getting over yourself

"Get over it."  Am I the only one who needs to say that to the mirror every once in a while?  Gosh I have a lot I just need to get over, and most of it has to do with me.  I need to get over my mistakes, the ways I feel I fell short, or just plain messed up.  You see I need to get over the idea of trying to be perfect.  I know enough mommas to know I'm not the only one who needs to get over this.  Can I get an amen?  

Breaking Up with Perfect by Amy Carroll is my favorite new book to recommend to friends and fellow sisters in Christ.  Released this past July, my dear friend Amy helps women understand that our striving to be perfect, or our self-condemnation at not being, are both roads that God does not desire for us.  She shares the true freedom that is called Grace, and gives practical advice on how to kiss perfection good bye and embrace to JOY God desires for us.  

I have read this book twice in the last few months.  (Yes twice! Don't judge.)  Each time I've read it I've seen new ways God wants me to lay down the guilt I carry around, and also the freedom that is supposed to come through Christ Jesus.  Big stuff my friends.  If you find yourself exhausted from striving to meet some definition of perfect that you've created, or beating yourself up for never being good enough,  I know you would be greatly blessed by this book. 

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