Best book for embracing motherhood

When the girls were 3 years old and 6 months old Pete came home from a business trip with a gift for me.  This was a first and he held the gift sheepishly behind his back.  "Ok, I saw this book, and I got it for you, but I am sort of afraid the title might offend you.  But I think it looks great."  he said. 

I wasn't sure how to receive this gift.  "Um okay?"  

He handed me Donna Otto's Finding Your Purpose as a Mom.  I'll be honest, his concern was accurate... as was his instinct to buy the book.  You see I was struggling with finding my identity as a mom.  I was feeling the push of the world that does not value stay at home moms.  I felt the call to "do something" for God with my life, and I hadn't yet come to peace with the fact that I actually was doing something for God by raising the two daughters He had given me.  

Finding Your Purpose as a Mom is a book I have come to treasure.  I have read it many times over the last ten years.  While I now work outside of the home (as well as in the home), Donna's wisdom and insight into the higher calling of motherhood has framed much of how I look at the title of mom.  If you are just settling into the role of mother, or feel weighed down by its stresses this would be a great book to read.  I think a momma who took the time to read a chapter before the kids wake in the morning, or during naptime would be greatly blessed - and so would her family.