Looking forward to Fall with The Celebrated Family

Our family has survived the back-to-school launch.  Facebook attests to the fact that many of you have as well! Congratulations on finding the correct number of plastic folders with, and without, brads, new lunchboxes, and (hopefully) dress code approved wardrobes.  I feel like I have launched a space mission, not two littles girl going to school.  How about you?  

With the return to school, our family has returned to our school year routine of breakfast time family devotions.  I love them, and it feels good to be getting back into this routine.  I blogged a few weeks ago about how to plan for spiritual growth for your family this school year.  Thank you for all of the kind emails and comments about this post.  It is near and dear to my heart.  Many of you have expressed that the biggest hurdle for your family is finding the right devotion resource - both for individual devotions and family devotions.  While the obvious answer is "just read the bible,"  we live in a time and place full of amazing devotion resources!  

Here at The Celebrated Family we are going to take the month of September to introduce you to some of our favorite family, and personal devotion materials.  The week of Aug 31st we'll look at our favorite Family Devotion resources.  The week of Sept 7th I'll share my daughters' favorite personal devotion books for girls.  The week of Sept 14th we'll take a look at our favorite devotion resources for parents.  September 21st will bring a week of Favorite Faith-building books for moms.  During the last week of September I have invited several of my friends to share their favorite personal or family devotion resource with The Celebrated Family community.  

I pray this coming month will be an encouragement to you - and you will feel equipped to get started on just the right family, and personal, devotion.  May this Fall be a season of great spiritual growth for you and your family.