Finding the Right Family Devotion Resource

Today kicks off a month-long look at resources for family and personal devotions.  This week I'll be sharing three of our  favorite family devotion resources.  On Wednesday through Friday we'll take a closer look at three of our favorites.  Before you hit that 1-click buy button on Amazon there are three factors to take into consideration when choosing a family devotion resource. 

1. Age -Appropriateness:  Different ages will call for different style devotions.  Younger children respond best to vibrant and engaging pictures.  As children enter elementary, and then middle school they need to be challenged to be engaged.  Stick with too young of content for too long and you will loose those budding minds.  

2. Plan for children at different stages: God's plan has always been for faith to be passed down to the next generation within the family unit.  Family units have always had children of different ages, so don't worry if you are trying to do family devotions with  10, 7, and 3 year olds.  Some general tips for planning foPlan around the older children.  Find a resource that will engage them.  Engaged older siblings set the tone for family devotions and model participation for younger siblings.  Little ones will get more out of your devotion time than you can imagine.  Older siblings can be encouraged to occasionally lead a younger devotion for little siblings.  They will be blessed to use their leadership skills, and little ones will enjoy the attention! 

3. How much time do you have?: Different devotion books are built around different assumptions on time.  The three devotion books I will be talking about this week each take around 10 minutes to complete a devotion or chapter.  These are a good fit for families looking to do shorter daily devotions.  If you are looking for a longer once a week option - look for a devotion book that includes hands on activities or experiences to add to your devotion time.