Family Devotions with Young Children

Family devotions with young children can be a tricky thing.  Full of energy, questions, and wiggles,  devotions with young children can be a daunting task.  I think the resource we choose to use for family devotions is so important when dealing with young children. 

Our family's favorite devotion resource for families with young children is The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones, with illustrations by Jago.  Each of the 44 chapters tells a unique story from scripture in a concise manner that is just the right length for a family devotion time.  Lloyd-Jones points each story to Jesus, teaching children from a young age that the Bible is one long love story from God to us.  Jago's creative and whimsical illustrations will keep your kids engaged, and will help them remember the stories.  What kid can forget John the Baptist after seeing a picture of him getting ready to eat a honey dipped locust! 

The Jesus Storybook bible is also available in audio and many of the chapters have video version available for free online which are both great ways to change up your routine as needed.  A family who spent a few months reading through this bible would be greatly blessed.