Family Devotions for Elementary Kids and Up

Our family has settled into the season of life of no more "littles."  Emily is in fourth grade this year, and Sarah (horrifyingly) is in seventh (wow, I could barely type that).  About a year and a half ago our family started going through a chronological study of the bible using The Family Reading Bible.  This bible is a treasure for any family with children in elementary school or older.  

There are three reading plans to work through: Short, Long, and Off the Beaten Path.  We have been working through the Long Path.  Each day you have an introduction, a passage to read, questions to ask, and fun facts to learn.  At the end it tells you which page to turn to for the next reading.  It is so easy to follow!  This bible has been the perfect step for our family to go from "children's bibles," and "story bibles" to the real deal.  The devotion guides are great for Pete and I, with no prep, and a cup of coffee either of us are ready to lead.  It takes us about 10 minutes a day to read and discuss the passage.  The review and application questions do a great job hitting our girls different developmental levels.  Questions challenge Pete and I as well, which tells me we have hit on a great resource to use for the coming years.  

If you are looking for ways to get started with family devotions but are not sure where to even begin, check out this post about creating a family spiritual growth plan.  

Next week I will be sharing our girls' favorite independent devotion books.  Before we dive into that I would love to hear of any resources or family devotion books your family enjoys.