Oh good, the kids are bored

The kids are bored this week, just as I hoped they might be.  Our school year programmed lives transitioned into a different brand of programmed lives called day camps for most of the month of June.  The girls have been up and out of the house most days.  They have had a great time and experienced wonderful things, but their weeks have been planned down to the hour. This week was a planned week of no plans, and the girls are so happy about it.  Pete arranged to work from home for a few days, and I did as well.  The girls have sort of floated through the days. Sarah's true status of emerging teenager got to come through as she slept until 11:00 every day.  Emily's true status of still little girl got space to come out as she spent hour after hour with her American girl dolls and Webkinz, setting up little worlds for them.  In the afternoons the girls got to be each other's companions and friends.  I came home from work one day to find that they had found a forgotten kit for building a remote control car.  They had built it together and drawn a chalk world on our driveway to challenge their driving skills.  They played with the dog,  and laid on the floor and talked.  They have just been sisters.  

I am so happy for them.  What I remember of summer is days where you got to wake up and wonder what you might do today. Days that were long and empty and full of opportunities of your own making.   I believe there are wonderful things to discover about yourself, and your sibling(s), when your parents don't plan out all your days.  My girls have had their scrabbles this week, and they worked it out.  They have felt bored and had to make a plan all their own.  They won't get to do it much this summer - next week they are back to camps and Pete and I will be back on our regular work schedules, but this week they got to be bored, and I'm so very grateful for it.