The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents

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When I first read Becky Harling's new book title, The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents, I assumed the book was another positive parenting book that helped parents praise their children for 30 days.  I am all about speaking words of life, positivity, and praise over my girls so I was eager to read it.  This lovely little book arrived a few weeks ago and oh my, how far off my assumptions were!  The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents is not about praising your children, it is about praising your children's Creator.  Hello Wendy! 

What if we spent 20 minutes a day praising God for thirty days? What if we took our concerns for our children's future, relationships, finances, health, faith... ALL our worries, and instead of trying to worry and work our way through these topics we praised our mighty God who actually has planned their future, knows their relationships, can heal them... and most importantly knows them because He created them! Becky Harling has created a beautiful book that guides parents through such a journey.  For 30 days parents are challenged to praise God through scripture, music, prayer, and journaling.  

I recently spoke with a leader at MOPS International who was sharing with me research about today's young moms.  The main finding was that moms today are more worried for their children than ever before.  I didn't really need researchers to tell me that.  I am a pro at worrying.  I worry about the girls having healthy friendships, I worry about them being happy, I worry about them being safe, I worry, and worry, and worry, and frankly spend a whole lot more time doing that than praising God.  I think it was telling that it never crossed my mind that this book was going to be about praising God.  Umm... hello Wendy! 

So I am taking Becky's challenge to spend 20 minutes a day for 30 minutes praising God.  Becky shares in the book that she was first given the praise challenge by a friend when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. During a season of life that was full of worry, stress, and a lot of unknown she learned how powerful praising God can be.  She writes: 

"I learned that praising God isn't just some glib hallelujah when finances are prospering, your health is flourishing, and your family is thriving. Praising God is an intentional declaration by faith that exalts God above your life circumstances."  
~ The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents pg 16-17. 

I'd love you to join me in taking Becky's challenge.  The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents is available from all major book retailers, and thanks to Becky I am giving away a copy this week. Post a comment about one area of your parenting that you would like to turn from worry to praise.  I will select a winner at the end of the week.  In the meantime, hop over to Becky's website and get her free Praise Challenge playlist.  It is a great playlist to set your heart on praise.  I have been listening to it all morning.  Each day of the challenge has specific suggested songs from this list, but it is a great stand alone play list as well.  Enjoy!