So how is your summer going?

In May I posted my grand plans for our family's summer.  Friends keep asking me how our summer is going and how the whole no TV thing is working out.  Here's what's happening at our house this morning...

Yep, that's how the no TV thing is going.  That actually illustrates how all my plans are going.

I planned for us to have Adventure Days where the girls and I made sweet memories together.
I planned for casual playdates with friends, and lazy afternoons at the pool.
I  planned to write.
I planned to slow down from the freight train of a schedule our last 12 months have been.

Of those plans I am 0 - 5.  Oh my earthly plans.  Instead, we buried a beloved uncle and got pneumonia.  We loved on and have been loved by our extended family.  We have traveled and had the unexpected joy of holding new baby cousins and seeing lifelong friends.  Emily has watched just under 7 million hours of TV. (Once while she had pneumonia I caught her watching one TV show on her iPad while she watched another show on TV. Awesome. I'm Mother of The Year.)

My only condolence is that my detailed plans must make God laugh.

When I look closer at the last 6 weeks I see His plans.  His plans that reign. His plans that are 5-0.  He planned for us to be His hands and heart to our grieving family.  He planned for me to be loved on by a stream of life-long friends in a season when my heart needs it.  He planned for Sarah to spread her new middle school wings and make memories independent of me.  He planned for Pete and I to have a date in Madrid.  Most preciously, He planned for us to see Him.

I opened by bible study this morning and was instructed to write out this verse:

"Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs."
~ Jonah 2:8

Then I walked through looking at twelve verses related to God's supremacy.

Oh God truly must chuckle, chuckle, chuckle at me, and yet His instruction is so sweet.

My plans are my idol, and my calendar is the little alter where I worship myself.

But I don't want to cling to worthless idols.  I don't want to live out worthless plans. I want to grasp on to the hem of the God of gods and Lord of lords, and not forfeit an ounce of the grace He offers me.  I look at my broken plans and my abandoned summer calendar, and I rejoice.  Our summer is going just as it should.